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Reading tables from autocad in pro/e


New member
hi friends,

i am doing the modeling work for some components in which some profiles are partly elliptical in shape. The profile coordinates ( x andy coordinates)are given in a table in autocad along with the part drawing. Is there any way through which i can read this table from autocad in to pro/e so that i can genereate the points and the profile directly?

At present, i am typing out all these coordinates in notepad and i save it as ".pts " file and then read it in Pro/e. But this is turning out to be a cumbersome process with so many components and so many profile coordinates to be typed in. If anybody knows any shortcut methods, please do provide some inputs




New member
Dear Anish,

There are many ways of doing it. You may choose the one that suits you. I am not sitting infront of Pro/E hence the command names could be slightly here or there.

Assumption: Autocad drawing contains a curve passing thru all the points.

method 1: in the sketch mode, Sketch--->data from file--->open autocad drawing and insert the curve into sketch.

Method 2: Open an excel file. copy paste the values from the table into the file. The only advantage....you do not have to type the values. Save the file as a text file.

Method 3: If your curve is the INTENT and the points are derived, then this is applicable. draw a point and make a block of the point. Give it a name say "pt". Ensure that the WCS is at the curve co-ordinate "zero". "Divide" the curve into say 10 parts using the block "pt". Attribute extract the x andy coordinates of the block "pt" to a csv file.