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Re-Referencing Normals


New member
I am having a misalignment issue with my model. When I create a sweep, the program automatically creates normals for me to reference everything to (the vertical and horizonal crosshairs). For some reason, these normals are rotated at the wrong angle, so my part comes out incorrect. Is there any way for me to define the normals myself instead of having Pro E do it for me?


New member
Greetings to all the memebers of this board.

Dear nkpham,

You will need to specify additional trajectory to orient the section.

You can select CREATE>PROTRUSION>ADVANCED>VAR SEC SWP> NRM TO ORG TRAJ> & specify additional trajectory to define your section. the additional tajectory will be horizontally aligned to the screen.

I have extruded a rectangular section and mentioned the numbers 1,2,3 & 4 for your understanding. I have selected my primary trajectory which passes through Axis A2. And now , say you select the edge no 1 then the section will be oriented like the figure section1. If you select the edge no 2 then the section will be oriented like section2.

This has been answered very correctly in the articles section - Creating Surfaces with Variable Section Sweeps.



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