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RDS vs. Pro/Diagram


New member
I'm starting to evaluate RDS-lite as an alternative to Pro/Diagram. I've heard that Diagram is being phased out in favor of RSD.

We don't have very complex wiring in our products, but I like the way Pro/Diagram helps us specify wire and connectors within the diagram. Our Engineers who use Diagram complain that is is difficult to use and they waste a lot of time manipulating the diagram to get it looking right.

So my motivation in changing to RSD would be to get on board with the product that will be supported going forward and have an easier to use but still powerful diagraming program. However in going through the tutorial, it seems like people may consider RSD even more complicated to use than Diagram. I think placing and moving symbols and wires is probably easier, but dealing with all the complicated dialog boxes may be harder.

Any advice on making this change? Is there any other product for diagraming that I should look at as an alternative?


New member
Pro/Diagram has indeed been phased out by PTC. RSDesigner is now the
diagramming solution of choice for working with Pro/Cabling and

For making the jump from Diagram I would look at page 48 in the manual,
which takes you through converting your symbol libraries.

Quintic is currently in the development phase for an import tool from
Pro/Diagram. You can check out their site at http://www.quintic.co.uk/rsdesigner. I'm the Customization team leader
for RSD at Quintic.

There are also other active forums that cater specifically for rsdesigner.

Good luck!

Martin Kemp.

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