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New member
1. I have a Ram to build. it gave me this

22 teeth

20 degress STUB-12P

I know there are 22 teeth and 20degree angle but the 12P I don't get?


New member
12P is 12 pitch if you grab hold of a drafting book you will beable to find a table of the involute profile on the teeth so you could draw the teeth profile. You will also beable to get all the equations on how to calculate the dedendulium and addendlium, working depth and so on.

Sorry for the spelling

hope this helps


New member
I still need help designing this 20 degree stub-12P

I know the pitch is .0833 but I make 22 teeth and its too small
compaared to the actual design of it. Can someone lead me to a site to
help me diesgn this.

I am making these 22 teeth on a bar 7.75 long



----<.937 is where the teeth start from the left end.

<---------7.75 in ---------->


New member
can anybody help in making gear, i don,t know how to make it.what the parameters i have to follow in pro-e .

if anybody knows help side for this, please give me the links.

i am new to this site .

looking for the help.......