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Questions for PTC Product line managers?


New member
Hi Everybody..

I'm over at the PTC/User World Event in Florida and in the exhibition hall most if not all of the PTC managers are there available to take questions on all matters abotu Pro.. SO .. ANY QUESTIONS YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO ASK?

Core modeling, Drafting, NC, ISDX, BMX, Mechanica etc etc.. every wonderd if it's possible to change edge display colours (it's not as yetbut they are workign on it), ever wonder why wen yo uhit the save buton, why it deletes your undo history (technology limitation at present but again working on it)

Anything! I'll ask it and post the questionanswer here! but bequick, they are gone tomorrow!



(BTW pleask give an example if possible with your question so I can fully understand the question)


New member
Hi James,

Ask them if they could come up with a better graphical feedback for Gathering Surfaces in Mold Design.

If the rep says "where working on it", stick a KICK ME sign on his back.

Thanks James, have a Black and Tan (Half -n- Half) on me ... the biggest one you could get.

Have a good time



New member
Hello James,

I'm new to this site, but I do have a problem that has caused me to give up on it many times. I needed to design a barrel cam and maintain a constant groove width for a cam follower to ride in. The axis of the follower must remain perpindicular to the barrel axis. (parallel to the top or bottom surface)I've had no success. Thanks


New member
Morso, I'm sure yo ualready know the answer but I'll as kanyway..

Tcpx, Welcome to the forum! I think this question would be better suited to this forum as opposed to an actual PLM, if yo ucan post a picture (or even your part) and post it in a separate topic, I'm sure someone here can solve it for you or I'll reply to you, I havent got it perfectly clear on exactly what yo uare lookign for but I think I could do it if I had to - post it up and I'll see what I can do! what release are you running?



Dear James <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
One thing I feel from years that is it must to make an offset plane always, is it not possible to sketch at plane and put an offset value from where extrude like features start , just like VX CAD

Another thing is mold opening, could you people enhance the mold opening in WF3??



New member

Ask the reps if any of the supposed changes for Import Data Doctor are in Wildfire 3.0 Preproduction.

There were supposed to be some nice tools for cleaning up imported geometry, I just went through WF 3.0 and nothing changed so i would appreciate it if you could find out.

Thank you

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New member
Well I've asked them about Pro/Mold and he said there have been a lot of changes to the interface - bringing in the wildfire feel to it with the dashboard and everything. I think he said there have been some imrovments to the gui for surface collection but I don think here have been many back end improvment to the mold engine.

As for import data doctor - he said that there is going to be some great imporvments to ATB especialy for Catia - hopes to bring in an accurate model tree etc. also for imported geometry there is a command (I think it has an Icon tat looks like a paint brush - I can remember) but say yo uanted to get rid of a round or a hole or a chamfer or pretty much anything thi will remove it and allow yo uto use pro to put it back in as a feature..

I have also seen teh backward compatability work in WF 3.0 and 2.0 very very nice! I'll give a better update in the WF3.0 post a little later!

I havent as yet asked about the Apple mac version!



New member
Ask them next :)

Will theywork on greater compatibility with Alias - Aw Maya or
Studio - Now ProE have great way for exporting parts and assemblies to Maya or
Studio, but will importing from those packages will be improved? Is it possible
to they make some otherstandard for interchange files btw them - because
Iges is unusable for surfaces (great gaps etc), and obj is great for polygonal

Nothing else is good for everyday interchange and everyday compatibility
work in both packages (parallel work)

I hope so that you have understand my intentions and my question

say halo to some girls there from me :)<br style="">
<br style="">

PS Will they make some improvement in case of usability of ProE
in Architectural field


New member
I forget

If you have every moment access
to Internet - we can use shoutbox (upper right corner of mcad web look) for communication.

Only suggestion

With regret I must say that now


New member
I on ly get to check my mail about twice a day and teh conference is about to finish up, clossing ceramony in about 45 min... so most of the PTC guys have already left unfortunately! how does Alias output it's files? Iges? step? I know they are working on that..

as for the direction of ProE in the future, well I know PTC have about $400M in the bank and they are planningon making a fewselect mergers - what ones are in the pipeline, I don't know..