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Purge working directory


New member
In Pro/E 2001 I can delete old versions of an active object using File, Delete etc.but is there a method of purging old versions of all objectsin the workingdirectory without doing them one at a time? Any help appreciated. Thanks.


New member
There is a purge.bat file in the loadpoint/bin dir that you can copy and put in any directory, just double clickon it in that dir and it will purge everything.

There is also a purge instal program floating around that you could download, what it does is lets you rmc on the directory and click on purge ... works really good.




Add the Pro/E loadpoint/bin directory to your opperating system search path environment variable. Then you can run the commands in any folder.

If you have Windows 2000 you can do the following (XP is similar but I forget the differences). Note that for some reason, if you screw this up you can't undo it, you have to do a regedit!

Add a new file type action to the Folder file type (NOT File Folder, don't ask me why there are 2 of the same thing or what the difference is).

Action: Command
Application used to perform action: cmd.exe "%1"

This will let you right click on any folder icon and start a command window so you can run purge or any other executable in that directory.

You can also search for PURGE and see how some people have added that to their Folder actions directly but I prefer to open a command window because I can then do any command. I guess my Unix roots are showing.


New member
While Pro/E is running, and your working directory is set...go to the "Window"pull-down and choose "Open System Window."At the command line type "Purge". That will purge all your old versions from your working directory. That's what I use. I believe this command calls up the same purge.bat that Moroso mentioned above.
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New member
I agree to jkasallis its the easiest way & should always use purge command while exiting Pro e always try to practice this. Secondly to get itwork properly, u always need to setup working directory initially, every time u work on different modelas this command will only purge the files that are within the working directory & to add to your knowledge these files before purge can be used as undo files as they are made every time u save. To the addministrator this files helps in accertaining the capability of the designer & these files are one which can beused to recoverback for prt. files which have resolved (the problem to peoples who dont know how to recover & blame Pro e for that). So this all above information make this complete chapter closed, urging you with new qiery coming in your mind

byeeee & good day ahead

Niteen Parwal

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New member
I have a mapkey for 2001 that I use to purge:

mapkey $F11 ~ Select `main_dlg_cur` `MenuBar1`1 `File`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Close `main_dlg_cur` `MenuBar1`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Select `main_dlg_cur` `File.cb_file_delete`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Close `main_dlg_cur` `File.cb_file_delete`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Activate `main_dlg_cur` `psh_purge`;;

I use the following mapkey to save:

mapkey $f12 #dbms;#save;;#done-return

I have the habit of hitting F11 and F12 back to back.

I also have a small shareware purge program that works great if you're interested.