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Punching or Lasering outside the zone!??


New member
I'm having trouble punching outside a zone. Too accomodate the left and bottom side of the part, I've created a zone that's X-.4 Y-.4 This is the maximum X & Y negative travel of our Apelio Laser/Punch Combo. This allows me to punch outside the zone on the left and bottom of the part. However, now I'm having a problem on the right side of the part. I've checked the check box for 'Auto Adjusting' because I don't want the machine to reposition the entire X width of my zone. But, once that box is checked it adjusts the zone height to the right edge of my part, therefore I can't punch outside the zone on the right side. Has anyone figured out a way to do this? Am I doing something wrong? I have to use the zones, because the part requires a reposition. Any and all help is appreciated!