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PTC Screws Up Web Accounts... AGAIN!


New member
2 Months Age:

Notice recieved from PTC: You have two accounts, which one do you want to keep?.

Accounts in question are [email protected] and [email protected], clearly not related.

I reply back to [email protected] and say that the other one is not my account, etc.

1 Month Ago:

No reply, but automated notice: Which one do you want to keep? I try calling PTC at 1-800-ASK-4-PTC and I get some idiot on the line who wants my Customer Number and forwards me around.


Got notice that my account has been deleted, along with my ProjectLink crap. Can't get back in to log a call, so I email to [email protected]. Still trying to get through from 1-800-ASK4PTC.

It seems like someone at PTC is not reading their email and answering the phone... Either that, or the support email is getting routed to the janitor.


New member
Ok, never mind, I am able to get to PTC now - seems to be a mailserver problem or such (probably bounced as spam). But it seems that they have no record of any of the two accounts...

Good think I backed up my Projectlink stuff!