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New member
I am having a problem with the PS to PDF converter in Pro/E. I need the PDF to be rotated 90 degrees. I am batch printing

through Ghostscript, so I can not simply click the rotate button in Acrobat Reader. I tried adding the ( rotate_plotting yes )command to the acrobat.pcf, which did rotate the drawing 90 degrees, but did not change the paper layout from landscape to portrait. Can anyone help, please?


Can you set up a special printer in Pro/E which rotates the postscript file?

You can also edit the postscript file before sending it to the Acrobat Distiller with a shell script if you are using UNIX. Find the line near the beginning of the file that looks like this:

%90 rotate 0 -11 72 mul translate

The % sign is a comment character, it keeps that line from being executed (Postscript is an interpeted programming language). Either add or remove the % sign to change the rotation of the plot. You may have to change the media or orientation settings in Ghostscript.


New member
I have added the rotate_plotting yes in the acrobat.pcf file. Which is the proe plotting file. This does rotate the plot, but does not rotate the media. So, I have tried to add the -dORIENT1 command to the ps2pdf.bat file in ghostscript, but I caanot get it to rotate the media. Any other ideas?