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propagating parameters


New member
Hi All,

I'm using Wildfire 4.0.

I'd like to know if it's possible to propagate a parameter from a top level assembly to all the subassemblies and components.

I need to create a new parameter that I want in all my parts. I'd rather not have to create it in every part.

I know I can create it in my top level, then show it in the columns on the right of the model tree, but when I want to enter text (It's a string parameter), I have to select the type of parameter every time.

Is there a faster way to do this?



New member
We use this procedure in a standard mold base assembly. Set the parameters in the assembly to be what you want them to be. In each part, write a relation similar to this where product_number is the parameter you want to propagate. PRODUCT_NUMBER=PRODUCT_NUMBER:1. When you regenerate the assembly, the parameter will be propagated into every part that you've written the relation in. It's easier to cut and paste the relation than it is to type in all those parameters, and if the parameter changes, then you only have to change it in one place. We use this for things like shrink, material, lead designer, shop order, etc. that change with every job. It's a real handy tool. Our start parts have the relations already, so any new part is all set up. The only problem is with new extracts, because the number after the colon indicates the assembly that the part originated from, so the number is always something different relating to the mold assembly. The solution there is to either edit the relations and put all the numbers to 1, or cut and paste the entire list of relations after deleting the present ones with the offending number.

This isn't going to be much help for you, because the parameters have to be in the parts for the relation to work. We have a mapkey that creates all the standard parameters in a desired part. It's another tool necessary for this to work. Figure out what parameters you will need in every part, write a mapkey to create those parameters in a part, and write the relations once and cut and paste. You're going to love it. It's well worth the investment of time to set it up.
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