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projectile motion.


can it be done in mechanism ?

if so how.

just after a simulation of say throwing a ball up into the air and it hitting the ground.

i am after the motion of flight. not the impact of the ball.


New member
Yes, it is best to make it a 2D problem by using a planar joint to make your projectile move in a single vertical plane. Apply loads and initial conditions and confirm Newton's laws of motion!



heheh yeah i worked it out soon after i did the post :) did it exactly
as you said... i had to fiddle ith the number a little to even see a
result. it was just to pass the time .. i had a full 5 min free today


the only catch is with the coin toss, is that if u get it to work that it would always come up with the same response.


New member
Would it be a problem of dynamics?

If so will it come up with the same response even if we vary the force with which the toss is made..?

It is so difficult to imagine the process of defining the joints to such an everyday affair. may be I have a mental Block.