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projected points


New member
I have points created at a plane & circulary pattened on a circle curve all in a plane only

I want to project the pattened points to a 3d profile , just below of the points

any help

thax in advance



New member
Project a datum curve sketched on the plane onto the surface(s). The ends of the datum curve will be your points.


New member
i want the points should be equii spaced on the circumeference of the circle, which is on one plane as i described above,


assuming you are projecting onto a non-planar surface feature:

1. ref-pattern axes through your original points normal to original plane...

2. create a pattern of points where these axes meet the non-planar surface.

... or something like that...

-Brian Adkins


New member
I like donha's idea: Sketch a construction datum curve which connects your points one by one. Project the curve onto your 3D surface. The ends of the curves are your points.


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