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Proe w/f in Linux Fedora core-2


New member
Dear Members,

&nbs p; I have
installed proe w/f in linux Fedora core-2. But often pro-e is
crushing. It's happening 8 to 10 times per day. Do any one
working proe installed in Linux Feroda , who about ur exprience ?



Vibromech Engineers,




New member
I have used FC1, 2, and 3 with proewf. I have only experienced a
handful of crashes, and possibly twice in FC3. What were you
doing when it crashed?

What type of hardware and configuration are you running?

FC3 seems to run quite well even with SELinux enabled. So far the
crashes I have seen were repeatable, and looked like they were due to
coding issues in proe. I haven't seen problems that can be
attributed to FC3, the kernel or configuration.

What kernel are you running?



New member
ProFerg said:
Are you using an NTFS file system?

lol, prob ext3 file sys

and fedora is probably your best choice out of the many free
downloadable linux os' seeing that the supported linux is Redhat and
fedora is made by rh

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