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ProE to JT format to view with VisView


New member
Does anyone know of a ProE to jt format translator? Our company is Unigraphics based and uses VisView for view the JT file that UG automatically creates. JT is supposed to be open-source translation format or something like that, so you would think there would be a translator available for it, but I have yet to find one.


We use a translator made by UGS themselves. It is a Pro/Toolkit application that runs inside of Pro/E. I would check with UGS for pricing, etc.



New member
you can transalate a pro/e part to jt by converting it into step file and then step to jt, that converter is inbuilt with Vis-Mockup. Otherwise the direct transalator for pro/e to jt can be obtained from ugs for a price of close to 8000, that's what i presume.


New member
Hi Sybot,

I have created a CAD Model in Pro E and checked in the part in the Windchill system. When I download this CAD Model from Windchill I have some of the PTC related parameters in it and these are in the locked state.

So whenI send this part to the Teamcenter system it checks in well and checks out as well. But when I tessellate this seems to be failing which the client claims.

I wanted to know if these PTC parameters really cause any problem of tessellation of the CAD Model.

Please let me know.




New member
Does anyone know if the translator in Pro tool kit to JT can handle family tabled skeletons as part of an assembly?