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proe to catia


New member
save as ->

or save as -> name.model

bouth are for Catia v4, but Catia V5 (any release) know how to read this things.

but of course ... no Hystory


New member
I try it before

when ı open the converted file in catia v5r10 there is a some unwanted surface

Afterwards I trim and delete these surfaces

I dont need to do this

But When I try to convert catia to pro/e

There is no need to some operation to ready to use these files


New member
if you have some junk and/or special surf., curves, etc. in this case before export make at least one layer and move this features in this layer, hide this layer and after that make export.

if you stil have this noise in the file, you must verify the configuration for export (


New member
Proe to catia thats intresting!!! have to get the data thro the transloators & both of these have thier own kernels there is always data loss & data getting hurt

Catia To PRO-e ...again you can sail thro guys use ATB( advanced topology bus) this enables you to read catia data directly not even doing conversion.....great

good thing if you have used this files in the assembly in pro/e then these files get updated... do you need more than this

Happy Living


New member

I think you'll get better results just using STEP or IGES. Since V5 uses .CATPart and .CATProducts V4 .model files still have to be translated. I'm a V5 user and have experienced problems bringing .model files from V4 into V5. If there are problems from V4 to V5, the problems may get worse going from a ProE .prt to a V4 .model and then to V5 .CATPart.

FYI, if you are using SP1 or SP2 of V5R10 there are some problems with importing that are not in V5R10GA.


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