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ProE Surface models to Solidworks..


New member
Hi Everybody..

I would like to know the consequences/pitfallsof trying to convert large master model complex surface part files created in ProE 2001 (or wildfire for that matter, but 2001 for this example) to SolidWorks 2004.

A manufacturer that we deal with has just moved to SW2004 (previously ProE 2001). the ProE master files define the outer surfaces, split lines, offsets etc .. Also without AAX layer control is even more important when it comes to the master models, this is obviously lost when exporting as step/iges..

does solid works have an ATB licence which can be bought similar to thatof Pro? I understand that this costs in the region of $25,000 USD for Pro - is this correct?if it's available, what are the cababilities of it?

Thanks in advance for your help!



New member
Don't know the answers to your questions; think there are no answers to some but will simply give you my rule of thumb for cross platform data exchanges: Export part (solid) geometry in one file. Export construction geometry in one or more seperate files.

Layer associations are not necessarily lost (as a matter of translation protocol) when exporting but without an understanding of the source and target system's layer support...? (I don't even have a handle on the way Pro/E writes out layer info, intf_out_ opts, etc.)

One very pertinent aspect: Are you using relative accuracy? Doing so it likely to increase the chance of a muffed import (geometry dependant).

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New member
Hi Jeff, thatnks for the reply, depending on the product (size)relative accuracy is either used or not..

the thing is tho, that we don;t deal with Solid geometry! pretty much all surfaces...

I would realy like to hear more on this topic! please if you have any information, please poet it here..




New member
SWX surface tools are weak compared to Pro. Don't expect much in translation. I haven't heard of a ATB plug-in for SWX


New member
Hello James,

ATB only works for Unigraphics, SDRC & Catia, Solidworks is not part of it.

Do the surfaces come over into SolidWorks all untrimmed?