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ProE Guru's, I need your advice on how to preserve old WF2 files please?


New member
Hi, I started using ProE back in 1996 at my job in the engine industry. In the early 2000's I left that job and started doing my own design work from home. I kept using WF2.0 for the next 20 years and amazingly it still works on Windows 10. I don't do a lot of CAD work, only a few models and drawings a year, and mostly simple parts with basic assemblies of less than 10 parts. But over the years I've amassed about 200 parts, and their associated 2D drawings, and a few assemblies. I'd now like to be able to hand these off to a new young engineer to take over my business, and I realize I can't put off upgrading my software forever. So I need to know:
What software, Creo or others will be easiest to import my .prt, .drw, and .asm files into while keeping as much info as possible? Am I going to be able to keep the parametric properties of the model/drawing pairs? Am I going to be able to keep the model tree and editable features of a part?
I've been told by a couple CAD salespeople that the best I can hope for is to import a .step file and lose the part features and all the drawings. I'm really hoping that's not the case, but after 20 years it is probably my own fault for waiting. Cheers and thanks in advance for the advice. Mike
As I know, the old version pro/e .prt files are able to be open by the newer version pro/e or Creo. But, you create the .prt files from newer version pro/e or Creo not able to be workable on the old version pro/e or Creo.

Explicitly, for example, you have .prt made by pro/e wildfire 2.0, it is able to be opened by pro/e wildfire 5.0 or Creo.
However, you revise the condition. It is not workable. That is why Software company update the latest version and improve the software function and performance.

The neutral format is for the different software to exchange file. The format is such as ".stp" or ".igs". (This is for 3D parts and assably.)
The neutral format for 2D drawing is such as ".dwf" or ".dwg" to be opened by Autocad. You can export .drw from pro/e to ".dwf" or ".dwg" for Autocad.

If you use the other CAD software such as Solidwork, CATIA or UG, it should be able to open ".dwf", ",dwg", ".stp" or ".igs".

But, when you transfer file to neutral files, the original features made by pro/e will be gone. There are only its contours/outline/profile.

In addition, there are some hobbies community and forum such as this-"" website.

There are many cad files for your reference.
You can have a look to understand to file format via this site.
Probably, you may not be able to open every files except you use the right software to open the specific files.

I hope you can understand what I say.
Hey thanks for the reply. So if .prt files from WF2 will work in Creo, will .drw and .asm files also work?
And no I don't need to go backwards, only forwards by about 20 years.

Cheers Mike
All older Creo (Wildfire) files can be opened in the newer version of Creo - however when you do so, if you perform a save, Creo will save them in the new format, so they can't be opened in WF2 anymore (which doesn't sound like a problem for you).


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