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ProductScrew Express Issues (and Licensing!)


New member
Has anyone experienced difficulties with Pro/DESKTOP and ProductView Express?

For some reason, the viewer tools seem to be having a No graphics data availible and forgetting features issues.

Also, when I suppress parts to strip out the generation data, ProductView gets angry and refuses to show the clients what the suppressed parts are.


Daniel Wang

P.S. Anyone having Unknown Licensing Error with Pro/Mechanica? It doesn't like my Floating Modules, if anyone could post a locked or float license line that'd be great. Thanks!
In your file set option save_model_display to shading_lod. I don't think this option existed before Rel 18, so if you have an old model you might want to update it.
I didnt think PTC was still developing pro desktop and they were only keeping it around for educational purposes (high schools etc.).

Is anyone using it for actual projects ?

If you do have the config options set correctly then you may need to specify some java settings under the JRE section in the control panel. I believe you had to specify the path to find the proper JRE install. Even though you may have only installed one version it still may not have configured itself correctly. Check out Sun's website for help on the errors. I tried using this about a year ago and after several hours of messing with it I was able to view models and drawings but couldn't really do much with printing since it only took a snapshot of the I.E. window. Plus the window was very small if you monitor resolution was set fairly high.


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