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product view on your website

Uni Phil

New member
Hi all

Does anyone remember the product view window that was on the home page of this site, which you could download an aplet for and spin a solid model around in 3d.

Well I'd love to put that on my website so that people could look at what I'm capable of and see stuff in 3d.

All answers are greatly recieved.

Cheers guys


Active member
its not Product View but Spinfire Professional under the Files menu. You can download it from its website. Product View Express is free for download from ptc.com.


Uni Phil

New member
I've looked into putting spinfire onto my website, but to have it on there I have to convert all my files to .3d files which needs spinfire pro which unfortunately costs money.

What I was hoping to do is use the free productview express that ptc let you download.

Is there a way of putting it onto my website, and if so who's managed to do it?

Cheers for your time guys


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