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Process Plan


New member
Dear Collegues

My name is Young-Ki Chang, and I am student at University of Florida. I have question about report drawing.

When generating the report drawing for a process plan, is it possible to insert a range of steps into tables? (rather than creating repeate regions & inserting the steps all or one-by-one)

Thank you very much

You can contact me at [email protected]


Young-Ki Chang


New member
Young-Ki Chang

Onewayto produce all the steps into one page or table is to create the table in a drawing format.

If the format carries the table with say 2 columns i.e.

Step number Description
&prs.step.number &prs.step.desc

All the process steps will be shown once the drawing sheet is formatted.

Remember a drawing format can have 2 sheets to it.
So you can select say format sheet 1 with the table above for the firstsheet of the drawing, and format sheet 2 with drawing views part numbers etc on the subsiquentdrawing sheets

Aaron Chapman


from a assembly, its like a exploded view which shows lines from part to part showing how it should be constructed.