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Problems with Sencond Install of 2001 Student Edition


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Pro/E S.E. worked fine the first time I installed it on my Win98SE PC. After a couple of years the disk got messy and the OS became unstable. I had to insert my Revover Disk to start new. I re-installed Pro/E S.E. again in the same directory. Setup disk is in the CD drive, NMSQ, XTOP, and pro_comm_msg apear in the program list but it runs extreamly slow and my fire wall prog show no activity from any of the above progs. As before I've given Pro/E all access to the internet, even tried it with out the FW. Anyone have an idea what's happening. Feel free to speculate. Any and all help is appreciated.


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I have somewhat of the same problem....

Pro S.E. worked fine on win98, but when I installed win2000 it wouldn't work. I dual booted with WinME and it loaded on ME but sometimes it would take 1/2 an hour to get to the splash screen (the HD wasn't running during that time).

Then it stopped working all together. I had 2 network cards in and thought that it might be confusing pro on which one to look at, so I removed one, but that didn't help. I had a second, much slower PC that only ran WIN98, and Pro SE always work on that one..... untill a couple of months ago.

So if anybody still has any ideas, please share.

I discovered that 2000i^2 SE would not install if I had ANY virus protection software enabled. It took HOURS to figure this out! I'm working on XP but maybe the problem is common to 2001 and other OSs.

Thanks for the responses. The only thing that changed on my PC is the installation of VoloView Express. After that, voila!, and I'm back to teaching my wife Pro/E.

Funny thing is that before a used the Recovery Disk VoloView wasn't installed until weeks after Pro/E S.E. Go Figure?