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Problems With New User Registration


New member
Someone just posted this on the PTCUser "etc" forum:

I'm trying to register at http://www.mcadcentral.com but the reg page has a captcha "YOURLS ? Your Own URL Shortener | http://datasheet.me what is large yellow word"
I keep going to this page an all I get is the yourls.com admin page. There are no large yellow words on this page

anyway maybe some day someone else might want to try to join and they will do a google search and find this note here. I hope it makes them feel better that I have not been able to register my self. Also to the admin of that page, Just so you know, this is why you are loosing users (password recovery uses the same captcha), why you are not gaining new users and also why no one is asking you why (because the help contact is also protected with that that captcha)
Its a sign of stability I should say.​

Thought someone would like to know.