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Problems with ATI Mobility Radeon 7500


New member
I have an IBMT41laptop at work that came with a 32MBATI Mobility Radeon 7500 video card. We are using Pro/E wildfire and it was running great. Then I upgraded the drivers and I noticed that the fourth Pro/E window is very sluggish while the first 3 are still doing great. In the fourth window I can not even rotate the part....

I rolled back the drivers, Pro/E worked good for one day and then its back to being sluggish again on the fourth window open.

I am sure that this is a driver problem because my friend at work has the same laptop with the factory drivers and his is still working great no matter how many Pro/E windows are open.

BTW I have 512 ram and running XP Pro...

If anyone experienced such a problem or has any suggestions please help me out

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New member
Have you been able to figure out the problem?

I have an IBM A31 Laptop and have had unpredictable performance. Same problems with the trying to upgrade drivers.... Wildfire works ok with the freshly imaged drive, but when you upgrade the drivers and Windows upgrades something happens and Pro crashes and cannot seem to be able to work with larger models.

I know my machine has a Radeon 7500 Graphics card which is not Open GL and have been able to figure out how to change the preferences to support this.

Does anybody have any other suggestions?