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problems in surface gaps in mold creation


New member
i have an STEP model of a rim web, it has 8 spokes and i have filled the gaps with the boundary surface. when i split the part it gives an error of multiple parting surfaces gaps and a cyan line with two red end points, telling that the gap lies between the end points on the line.if any body could help i ll be grateful




New member
If you were able to make your step model into a solid, then the problem is not your model (usually), it is because you have an open area that is not covered by a parting surface.

1. are you sure all openings are covered with a parting surface?

2. Are you sure you are selecting ALL surfaces when you do your split?

3. I have found (though I have never seen it documented)that if parting surfaces lie under one another it cause the same problem (when look down parallel to the parting plane).

4. Try setting your assembly accuracy to absolute, to part, then select your ref model.


New member
Sorry if you noticed, but this thread is kind of old. I think if he/she
is still working on this project , it is at home on thier free time.
Not on any company time...


New member
I have found that if the accuracy of the subject part and the mold file are not the same you can have these type of problems.

For mold design I ALWAYS use absolute accuracy, NOT relative accuracy.


New member

I came across this again and I thought about it a minute.

Actually, there can be many reasons you can't spit an imported file even with a part that you think is all closed up and with good splitting surfaces or volumes.

I used to do a lot of mold design on Oakley parts. Their parts were all swoopy and curvy and they used a God-awful software called Rhino Their fileswere nearly impossible to split. I have gone so far as to get step and igs surface files from them and then export the good surfaces form each to build a part thatI couldclose... I spent way to many hours on that one.

Solidworks has an option to export ProE files. It doesn't workmost the time. Everything seems fine until you try to split them.

Unfortunately there can be a number of hard to find problems and there is no substitute for experience.


New member
I had that happen before

In may case I did a offset of 0

on all my surfaces then merge them together

then I would spit then part.

My problem was that i was getting a bad imported

file and proe would not see some sufaces until

i would offset them.


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