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Problems exporting sweep as STEP


New member
I am making a tube space frame for a race car and have completed all of the CAD work in Creo 2.0. My vendor for the tubes who CNC cuts all of the connections uses solidworks and requires .stp files for all of my tubes. When I save my individual .prt files as a .stp and open them in solidworks I get a "split body" which means when I hover over the part only one half lights up at a time instead of the entire surface, which my vendor can not have (see attached). split_body.jpg I believe I am missing an option or setting in Creo because I am able to take a file from a previous design done by another person and follow the same process of saving and do not get the split body. However I can not recognize any differences in how the modeling was done. I am saving these as solids in the .stp file options box that pops up during the saving process. Any ideas?


New member
I have a couple of tubular frame modeling examples on youtube. We also include this in our Advanced Assembly classes at Designengine I haven't updated that video in 10+ years. We have before this time conducted that type of training to NASCAR USARMY, CANNONDALE to name a few.

Basically you are going to define trajectories using surface and sweep your tubes across those surfaces. Use Sweep tool to regenerate the tubes. Use top down design to manage the tube lengths. In the end I might suggest you use Solidworks or choose a different vendor LOL