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problem with &scale


New member
Dear all,

When I begin a drawing, ProE 2001 chooses a certain scale for the drawing. I can read scale: 1:1, part name: prt0001.prt, etc etc...

By now, if I want to use a different scale I have to use a view with scale, so that I have my view with the label "scale 1:2".

How can I modify the general scale of the drawing? (the parameter &scale, I mean)This means that &scale changes and I can use it in my format table.

Bye all,



New member
If you want to change your general scale factor. Click on edit --> value --> and click on the scale value in the lower left corner of your graphics window.
If you want an automtic 'scale label' with your view.... Put a view with as attribute 'scale' instead of 'no scale.

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Be aware that views set with 'scale' will not change if you change your 'general' scale factor. ButI think you already know that....

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New member

Straight from ProE-help : (Yes, sometimes it's information ! )
<H1 style="MARGIN-TOP: 7pt; FONT-SIZE: 12pt; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 2pt; MARGIN-RIGHT: 6.5pt">To Modify the Drawing Scale</H1>
1.On the menu bar, click Edit > Value.
2.At the lower-left corner of the drawing window, select the label or value for the Scale (drawing scale).
3.At the prompt, enter a new drawing scale value.
All views of the active drawing model (except for detailed and scaled views) change in size corresponding to the new drawing scale value.