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Problem with parameters in LAYOUT


New member
So, problem is with redistributing of parameters form layout to other objects (parts or assemblies) declared to this layout.

For example, my INTRALINK site is configured that all objects checked in have parameter named "PART_NAME" with default value "-". When I check in variant assembly made with layout, Pro/INTRALINK writes to layout parameter "PART_NAME" and all parts and assemblies loose their original value for "PART_NAME" and get the value "-" from layout.

Is there a way to brake this parameter link between layout and other objects?

THNX in addvance.

[email protected]
I'm not quite following.

First off, no value in a part can take a value from layout without a relation in the part or assembly.

Second, Pro/INTRALINK itself will not write values to user parameters
without some previous trigger (custom application) doing it.

However, if you have a layout to a part or assembly that you do not want any longer you must:

1) Undeclare the layout

2) Delete any relations referencing layout paramaters.

I think you may be trying to fix one problem to ease your Intralink use but are not fixing the real problem at hand.

Please provide better input with an exact example or workflow.


New member
All parameters in declared layout are automaticaly known in all parts and assemblies where the declaration is made. If you open parameters dialogue box you will see theese parameters as locked and as their source you will see layout. You need relations only to relate theese parameters to dimensions of geometry.

However, Pro/INTRALINK is adding default attributes to all objects that are checked in. So, first time that you check in the layout it is getting all intralink attributes, and they are visible as parameters in Pro/E.
When this happens all local parameters in declared models are overriden by layout parameters.

Example: we have parameter "PART_NAME" in all models, which is intended for database search and filling in formats. After checking in the layout it is getting this attribute with its default value. After checking out again and opening the declared assemblies and parts, all of them as the value of PART_NAME have the value from layout.

We need a way to go around this.
I never use the same parameters in a layout that is required by PDM.

In fact, in general practice I recommend using a prefix system to keep layout parameters distinct for their purpose.