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problem running ProE


New member
When I try to start ProE 2001, the command prompt box that comes up
just sits there blank for a while, and then goes away. When ProE
eventually comes up their is an error message that reads "the lookup
for the server name in the license file failed".

It was working fine before. The license file seems fine.
The server name has not changed, and is in fact the same machine that I
am trying to run ProE on. I even re-installed everything, but no


New member
Sounds like a name resolution problem to me.

Try to ping the server by hostname, if that fails you have found your problem.
If ure on a network, ask your ITservices to check their DNS


have you scanned for spyware? Try Adaware from lavasoft.

There are spyware programs that will hog port 7788 and prevent you from seeing licenses.



good call Brian - we had a similar error a few months ago & it was tracked to spyware on the user's machine.


New member
First ping the server.If it is pinging means then connectivity is there.Eventhough it's not happening means, restart the server.I feel it could solve ur problem


New member
For Everyones Info:
I use Spybot Search and Destroy and Adware to clean machines. Both together do a good job. Recentlythere was an article in PC world showing that many spyware removal tools are bogus and add more and that these 2 are the only real legot ones.