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Problem launching Excel from WS


New member
Hi all.
I have a user that cannot launch a specific excel file from his workspace, neither can he export it to disc (no error messages at all).
Chosing another excel file works.
Both me and another user can launch the file he cant.
We are using Ilink 3,2

Any ideas?



New member
Do all of you have the same version of windows? I run 2000 and the rest of the pc's run xp. We have problems between versions. If your file is not to big re-write it with your os and see if it works.


New member
All stations we have tested on are at W2000

He aslo just told me that he was working with that file last week and it was ok.
Even if he does a new check-out from CS it doesnt work. Will now check-out and export to a disc to see if he can open it or not....