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Pro/Welding welding symbols in Drawing


New member
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Dear Experts.

I have looked through the internet for solutions regarding the issue i am having with pro/welding but yet to found results. Overall i think Pro/welding is agoodtool... with lot of rooms for improvement!

I'm having a problem with displaying the welding parameters for one of my assemblies. The text seems to be overlapping the symbol therefore creating a clutteryeffect onthe drawing(see picture). So far, i'm only having problems with fillet welds.I have tried inserting the same weld symbol with the same parameters manually and i got the same results too. It seems that the fillet weld symbol is not able to caterlong characters(sigh). The only solution that i can see is to actually shorten the welding parameter characters but then... i found another problem, i can't seem to change the decimal points of the parameters. I tried tools->options->weld dec places... but it didnt work on the drawing symbols(sign again).

Hope any of you out there have a solution for me! FYI, i'm using wf4. I heard wf5 and creomade a huge improvement onpro/welding but.. lets just say my company is taking their sweet time updating to wf5. :) thanks!


New member
The only thing I can think to do is see if you can edit the symbol and change the text orientation. It seems it is right justified and running into the fillet. I don't know if this is possible, but worth looking into.

Don't feel bad about WF4... Due to an automation system we are using, we are stuck on WF3 until the company we bought it from adds WF5 functionality... :(


New member
Thanks for the feedback. Yup i went for the WF5 intro training and detailing is more unfriendly due to the office 2007 ribbon style menus. :)

So i tried redefining the welding symbols and this only worked for inserting welding symbol manually. Welding symbols created from Pro/Welding are dependent and the system doesnt allow me to edit it. i tried editting the welding symbols .sym file and these files just refresh to the original one everytime i restart my pro-e. I don't know whether this is a company specific issue on the settings.. or perhaps its justpro-e?:)

WF5 better have this ridiculous issue fix! can anyone who have WF5 try out this and see whether its better? then i might push the management for the upgrade... lol!


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on the same note, how do I remove the references from the
tail of the weld symbol. I so not want to display the same.

Thanks in advance for the help.


New member
Anyone try the new weld functions in Creo 4.0 ? Seams many of the issues are resolved.

I do have a question too. If I apply a weld with a V or J-groove into a weldment, where does the cut/prep exist in the part or as an assembly cut or can I choose? It seams to default to the part. I want to use rectangle tubing but want that prep cut to exist in the assembly and not effect the part so I can use that same steel tube elsewhere as it may get a different prep for that one. Ideas, thoughts?


New member
With a symbol in drawing it's easy.... it's easy to modify behind the tail. In Creo 4.0 weld tools I struggle modifying from the default number into a note. Ideas how to modify behind the tail of a weld symbol (not drawing symbol)

Also with respect to my above question....
In the past as w/ the big Tractor Companies we teach to apply the prep cuts as assembly functions. With the new Creo 4.0 weld tool I struggle to make that edge prep as an assembly function. I can use simplified reps in the part to turn it off in the part... however I feel like Im missing a config setting. Instead the tool defaults to a part cut. I wonder if the development team made a mistake or I am mistaken and don't notice the config.pro or some other setting.