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New member
Do you use the config option pro_note_dir?

Why is it that when I have this set, and I select Insert Note from file, I am not automatically placed in the directory that my notes are stored? I found that I have the Look In pulldown menu to see the directory called out in my config.

I have never had this set before, so this is the first time I ran across this. Has this always been this way? I think it's a bug (wrong), but PTC this is the way the software is written.


New member
yes I specify the entire path. the note directory only shows in the Look In pulldown, at least on windows it does.


New member
Mine is set up in my .sup file and it points to a network drive, so I dont even show the entire path, except for the pro_standards variable.

pro_note_dir $pro_standards\notes

Steve C