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Pro/Nc and the Cam world


New member
This is more of a FYI than a question. Although i consider it good news for Pro/Nc. Regarding the new release of Mcam X.

We we got our X and after 2 1/2 years wait we got a trim function an undo and a hell of a lot of bugs to sum it all up. Basically no more functions than our 9.1. Continual crashes a backplot that almost makes you spew to watch leaves trails of junk all over the screen they tell us to turn things off in the graphics then Solidworks takes a dislike to that. It has a manager stuck on the left of the screen cant be sent to our duel screen and the NC editor is not as good as we had before. The Cimco editor was far superior to the half baked one they have included in X. No where as easy to use as the 9.1 because it is so different chaining is quirky if I import solids I cant tranlate or rotate so it still has the same constraints as the 9.1 there too. If i use translate function with other stuff it moves the wrong way. And I should warn you there are many things where you need to go the ctrl-alt-delete to get out and no chance of saving your work.
Other than that at least we got it sot the boss wont keep asking where is it. I just hope is dosen't ask me what I think of it.