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Pro-Mechannica X Ansys


New member
Certanly Ansys have more resources but I woud like of know, about convergence, only in the area Structural the Pro-M is very different of Ansys ? I said in the final result for example Stress, displacement and so on.

Thanks in advance

Andre Almeida
Pro/Mechanica is best when used in integrated mode and when quick results are required. Another advantage is of parametricity and sensitivity & optimization analysis.

Pro/Mechanica Wildfire has improved solver and option for mesh control.

You need hours and hours to model in ANSYS while imported models have problems of geometry fixing and no parametricity.

I would have agreed a few years ago about Ansys having problems, but your really need to try it using the Pro/E plug-in and the new interface (same interface as DesignSpace), it makes Pro/Mechanica a waste of time... in my opinion

You are talking of ANSYS 8.0 or later?

I haven't used it.

By plug-in you mean DesignSpace or classical ANSYS?

actually with version 7 and later Ansys redid the interface so that it was the same as DesignSpace - you can still get into classical environment if you're sick and twisted :)

As with Designspace, you need CAD specific modules to be able to import geometry. One of the nice things about these modules is that when you update the pro/e file, you can update the analysis and keep your loads, materials, etc (unless you deleted a feature that a constraint was placed on... then you have to fix that constraint).

Anyway, I think the Ansys WorkBench Environment (AWE) is as far above mechanica as Pro/e is above ink on mylar

remember you get what you pay for and my opinons are free :)