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pro/mechanica crashing

Uni Phil

New member
Hi all

When I run an FEA analysis in pro/mechanica mode out of pro/e the program shuts down alot of the time after calculations.

Is this due to bthe amount of ram I'm using or the processor, or the graphics card?

I'm using an xp 2000 processor with 512Mb ddr 400 dual chanel ram with a matrox g450 card.

I'm thinking about buying a new ATI fire GL 8800 card and upgrading to 1.5Gb of ram.

Is the the right way to go if it keeps crashing or is it just pro/e

Oh yeah, I'm using WF SE

Uni Phil

New member
sorry forgot to say, I've just upgraded the motherboard to a Gigabyte K7 triton which uses an Nvidia chipset