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Pro Mass Exit


New member
How often does pro shut down on you when you are panning or zooming? Mine does way too often. Sometimes every 15 min in Drawing mode. It doesn't matter whether I am using the mouse(middle mouse button) or spaceball.

Here is my config:

XP Home 5.1.2600 Service Pack1 Build 2600

P4 2.8 gh 512cache

Asus P4PE

Wildcat VP870 128mb-driver 3.01-0678

1Gig Corsair DDR400--3200cas2

Pro/E Wildfire Datecode 2003490

Std.err file sayes----RAISING SIGNAL : Signal number : 11

Std.out file reads---Un-known Event Type Gdi32GetEvent -> 246877504

Un-known Event Type Gdi32GetEvent -> 246877504

Thank you
open gl. I just purchased this card about a month ago. The card I had before it would do similar (ti4200) in model mode. In model mode it is about every 3 hours. I do have the latest drivers. Thanks for the info. The VP870 is a supported card by PTC. I put in a call on this issue--hope they can help.

I could do nothing to fix the problem untill I upgraded to WF m150. I have not had a single exit since the upgrade!!!! What a relief! I now like my VP card again.

WF m150? you are talking of Wildfire 2.0? Its about to release yet. Its preproduction 2003400 and 2003500 have been released.



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