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Pro/M motion vs. Mechanism


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Main differences are:

You don't need C Compiler installed for Mechanism (MDO).

You are in the integrated mode, just click on Applications then Mechanism and when you are done then Applications then Standard

In WF 2.0 custom loads and friction options hav been added which were the only differences between WF 1.0 Mechanism and Pro/Mechanica Motion.

Its far more easy to learn Mchanism than Mechanica.

Integration with BMX is another big advantage.

I think with this Mechanica Motion has expired and its agreat success for PTC.



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Israr's right. From what I understand, Mechanism (MDX and MDO) and Behavioral Modeling (BMX) were parts of Mechanica that were stripped out to provide users with those capabilities without having to purchase the full license of Mechanica, if for example they used another software package for structural and thermal analysis.