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Pro/Intralink exits when attempting to checkout a file.


New member
For approximately a month now, I have been fighting a reoccuring problem when checking out files from commonspace. Specifically, I select a file and hit checkout, include instance and generics, and hit OK. The machine thinks for a few seconds and then Intralink exits. To give a little more background, I have noticed that this is only happening with models that have imbedded family tables associated with them. I've also noticed that this problem only occurs with models that have been checked out, succesfully verified and checked back in to the commonspace. The whole think acts like some sort of file corruption stemming from a local Intralink or Pro/E client. Some body throw some ideas at me.....PTC says If we can't duplicate the problem, then there's not a problem. I'm really sick of hearing that. More info: Dell Precision 650, Wildfire 2003291, Intralink 3.3 2002470.


New member
I'm using 2002470 also, and haven't seen any problems like you have described. You might try just re-installing Intralink, sometimes turning the power on and off fixes the problem.

Yes, I hate it when some tech support person tells me that they have to reproduce it first for it to be a problem.

Steve C