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New member
Yes, seen it in a demo, and WOW. Definitely in the right track. Have yet to install it. I am waiting for the upgrade class and the migration tool.

PTC also still has to work out the licensing details for some of the advanced features. But definitely worth looking into as an upgrade.Definitely skipping 3.4 and going to 8.0 as quickly as possible.


New member
Look before you leap!

I would highly consider looking at Windchill, theres more of a admin base for it, and Intralink 8 uses similar convert tool as PDMLink.

I have seen it first hand and can say wait, it is like Intralink 1.0, the bugs are there and there are quite a few issues. Also the cost of the upgrade class is pretty pricey....Supposedly they were going to drop the price because everyone bitched about it.


New member
Well they havn't dropped the price yet I just had a quote for PTC to migrate my Ilink3.0 to 8.0 they want


New member
Did everyone see the latest info for migrating your data? They will release the software to Do-It-Yourself'ers on October 15 in the US.

Has anyone successfully migrated from 3.3 to 8.0 yet? Was it a pain? Did you do it or have someone do it for you? How long did it take? I would love to get as much first hand info from someone as possible. I never believe all the hype form the salesmen. It would be nice to hear from someone who has "been there, done that" and get down to the truth of the matter (how many bugs are there?).


New member
Actually we are looking at the option of moving from Intralink 3.3 to
Intralink 8.0, but intend to do it as late as possible, when the
software stabilizes itself.

My personal impression from just a VERY little hands on experience with
PDMLink is that the program is very difficult to use and a great lot of
work will have to be done in order to get the users up and running with

Actually PDMLink has a huge lot of PDM functionality built into it.
Thus if you already have another good running PDM system and you do not
intend to switch to WindChill in the future, you get stuck with a lot
of dead functionality that will eat up your resources without any

Our initial estimate is that the start of the project will cost
slightly more than 100k$, including initial training and setup of
the software. Hopefully the setup and training won't take much more
than half a year.

It is going to be quite a project...

Hope the info helps a little