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pro harness / cabling help please


New member
hi all

im a newbie to the forum so go easy on me

we have a product that uses 4 identcal fans (blowers actually but it gets the idea across) we buy these fans in with a cable length of 430mm and the connector on the end.

Can i use the cabling/ harnessing to create 3 wires of a given length within the fan assembly and then route the wires separately (a bit like a flexible component) in the top level assy? (bear in mind that there are 4 identical fans all with a different cable routing in this top level assy)

this enables us to do a drawing for the fan specifying the cable length ad then insert the fans into the assy and route them in the way that we want them. i cant see any way of doing it at the moment

Thanks in advance



New member
Just a thought, but you could assembly your fans where you want them and then create datum points where you want to run the cable and then justtake those datum points into your fan or cable model. Don't know if you can import datum points, but you can take the x-y-z relationship between them and re-create the cable in a seperate model.

At least that is how I would go about it, but I'm no expert.Probablynotthe most efficient way of getting it done...


New member
I would route the wires with piping ora sweep in your top Level then Copy Gem. The Surface into your Fan part then make 3 reps of the 3 different routing<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />


New member

If you've got the cabling module, use it. you can create a single
harness and then create a family table instance of the harness.

in the base package, you could create a couple points ussing the
"offset coordinate system datum point tool. Create a datum curve
through these points. Create a variable section sweep on curve. All
these datum points can then be used in a family table to define a new