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Pro Engineer Test Environment


New member
Hello all,

I'm posting to try and get a handle on what people are doing to evaluate new releases of ProEngineer.

What do you do?

Do you use trail files,

run scripts,

is it an automated / manual process

how long does the test run for

what determines a successful test

how mush effort is required..... $$$

do you have a testing procedure, how does it evolve as the software evolves, ie do you test new features etc,

is the same dataset used to test each release of proe.

anything else ?

I find it hard to 'lock down' a test procedure. Many things, such as the old, backward compatibility failures between releases do not help, getting approval to use an engineer for testing etc....

any help will be more than appreciated!!


New member
140 reads so far....zero replies......

Does this then mean that no-one has a defined test procedure for new software releases?

If this is the case then it


New member
My defined test procedure is simply to wait 6 months from the initial release for any sort of bug to arise. The bugs will usually be stated in here or other forums.

I'll usually do a side job with a new release, usually run through a standard design senario in sheetmetal and plastic then do some sort of motion analysis.


Active member

I don,t think there is a well-defined test procedure for any CAD software in the world. Bugs are found when a CAD specialist starts working in th new environment and he/she experiences a problem. But then they have to check whether its a bug or the command sequence has been changed. So many times our CAD users find something problematic but not all the time that is a bug. As Moroso said then the bug is discussed in a forum like this and if different user agree about a common problem and ptc people confirm, then thats a defined bug which is fixed in the next datecode.



New member
Israr, that is how I understand it too, but do not accept it....

we pay a lot of money for the SW

the software is not 100% perfect and REQUIRES user testing before implementation... yet it is nigh impossible to do so.

options for me are easy....the software should be as good as right first time....or.....and .....backward compatibility should be priority number one. after 20 odd releases you would think it would be....!!

Microsoft AND other CAD companies do it,,,,why not this one?


New member

One word in response to the backward compatability issue: MONEY!

PTC competes with dozens of competitors for use of Pro/E. In contrast Microsoft does not. PTC must ensure that once you are hooked, and want more, you must pay your maintenence to be current. Yes, you can stay with the old but eventually you have to pay up to get with the program.

I have watched in disgust the ignorance, stupidity and bravado of PTC mangement crumble the foundation of the user base over the last fifteen years with absolutely retarded decision making...Ford Motor Company for one. That's a whole other ugly and old thread, sorry.

Nothing takes the place of hammering through your products and process in typical de-bug mode. We all have to do it. Be smart though, listen to others that have jumped in early and found the flaws. Run a completed program offline to find out about Intralink/Windchill issues. Have one of your top Pro people blast through a few complex parts/assemblies in the new rev and get their thoughts. It may be ugly but nobody else is going to give it as much effort as you. Look at it this way..you can pay PTC now or you can pay PTC later...it's your move.


New member
hi dlongmi,,,

Ive been in this game for a number of years now though and pretty much do not go near early cuts due to the singe marks on my fingers form previous releases.

but,, cheers for the comments m8

word is.............backward compatibility is available in Wildfire 3...............

or,,,,,LIMITED backward compatibility....!!!!

its like giving your child a bucket and spade, but theres a hole in the bucket!


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