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Pro/E Wildfire


New member
Pro/Wildfire is much better than 2001, but the promised changes to a full screen and no menu manager did not materialize.

Seems that PTC ran out of time and decided to leave a lot unfinished and incomplete as far as the Wildfire dashboard interface is concerned. You still have commands like Sweep etc. using the old interface. Undo-Redo etc still are not completely functional.

I still love Pro/E but I have my complaints and they seem to grow with each version change and also when looking at systems such as Inventor and SolidWorks, both of which are easier to use and far more beautiful- especially Inventor. However, beauty is not everything and only Pro/E has the functionality for a complete solution.

Its a great system and I have written 5 textbooks on it and have taught 5000 students to use PTC products, but I wish there was some continuity in the changes and upgrades.

Regardless, it is a system that is comprehensive and has solutions for almost every application in the MCAD area.

And, like it or not, its still the most important system required to stay or get employed.

Louis Gary Lamit

Lamit and Associates

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire in 20 Lessons (Brooks Cole), will be out in late summer.