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Pro/E Wildfire and Windows Registry


New member
Does anyone know which registry keys and values are set when instaling Pro/E Wildfire. Or which keys are being modified when running ptcsetup.exe again?

I've got problems with Pro/WebLink2-applications when running different build codes or Wildfire and Wildfire2 on the same machine.

I want Product View Express able to run when copying Pro/E to a different machine (don't install by CD).... I don't want to run pvx.exe on every machine after copying.

Thanks for answers.

Haven't had time to do it yet, but figured out how to do this a few months ago. The easiest way is to either start with a new computer or one that hasn't had and PTC products on it yet.

1. Run regedit and export the entire registry.

2. Install a single PTC Product (i.e. Pro/ENGINEER).

3. Reboot.

4. Run regedit and export the entire registry again.

5. Use a shareware or freeware program that compares files to determine what changed between the first registry file and the second registry file.

Of course these keys will be different between major versions of Pro/ENGINEER. Some of the values will change from build to build. One you find where the differences exist, you can create a registry file to add or remove these entries manually.

Sorry it isn't the whole answer you wanted, but maybe this will help. You can find a little more information about manipulating the registry in the Windows help files.


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