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Pro/E Operating System Poll

What operating system does your Pro/E workstation use?

  • Linux

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New member
Hey all-

According to PTC, Pro/Mechanica is not supported on Wildfire 3.0 on the Linux platform and Pro/Engineer Wildfire 4.0 is not expected to be supported on Linux either. So, I was just wondering on what platform your Pro/Engineer workstation is running. This information is current as of March 2006.

I did not include SGI (IRIX) option becuase I am not sure whether or not it is still supported into the Wildfire releases and I doubt there would be much votes for it anyways.


Edited by: acook
Few monts ago UGS announced support for Nx4 and Teamcenter on Suse Linux 64 bit edition.
In my opinion this is a another bad decision by PTC.
Hey acad,

In the TPI report, they claim (and I quote)

"The adoption of Linux on the desktop has been very slow in the PTC customer base. Although PTC originally had plans to provide support for Mechanica on Linux in the Wildfire 3.0 release, we have now decided to drop that support for the Production release of Wildfire 3.0.

Unless there is a dramatic shift in the adoption of Linux by our customers, PTC plans to discontinue support of Pro/ENGINEER on Linux in the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 release."

Never really tried to run Pro/E on Linux, but I use Linux often personally.


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