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Pro/E Education


New member
I had to write PTC the following letter.

I just received the PTC Express online newsletter and as usual, I only get part of the information. For example, "Faster than a speeding bullet" talks about using mechanism snapshots to show various stages of motion in drawings. Or, using external simplified reps to alleviate PDM check out issues. All that is nice to hear, but, where is the documentation on how to do it? I have been on Pro/E since rev 5 and have only seen one set of manuals (rev 18) which were half understandable. Most of the Webcast presentations I have participated in tried to sell me the product. Teach me, show me how and give me manuals that make sense. On the other hand, I see the educational resource library is growing and I commend that effort. Once again, I as well as many others have the product, don't try to sell it to me.


New member
I concur - how about that tip about adding jpeg's to a drawing. Right now I've got jpeg'sassociated with Interent Explorer and still, everytime I try to add them to drawings, Pro/E crashes. What am I missing (besides all the details)?