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Pro/E drawing to PDF


New member
If you are using WINDOWS and you have ACROBAT DISTILLER, you should bea ble to just pick adobe PDF from your printing options.


New member
Try with PDF Creator, it is a free software that will add virtual printer, and then you be able to select it when you are printing from any software including printing from ProE.
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The PDF995 printer works very well and can print from any software to PDF format. This is also freeware


integrity6987 said:
These solutions don't apprear to create searchable text within the files - any suggestions?

Pro/E does not currently support this functionality... I wish it did...

All text is converted to lines during the plotting process, so this is not possible no matter which PDF solution you use.


New member
PDF's do support text searches. For example, if you PDF a Word doc, youcan search/highlight/copy/paste the text. If you scan a doc, it will not have searchable text unless you use OCR. I haven't tried it but based upon how Adobe handles other docs with text in them, I would expect that if youuse Adobe to PDF a Pro/E drawing, thetextin the drawing that uses a recognized font would be searchable. Perhaps someone with Adobe can verify this.


New member
The way a pdf is created through Pro/E does not allow for searchable text, this is when using Distiller, CutePDF, Bluebeam Pushbutton PDF, etc.


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Thanks - all.

I have submitted an enhacment request to PTC.


Please do the same if you are able. If PTC doesn't listen to it's customers we'll all have to start over with ___?_______ to do our jobs.



PTC's response posted to thePTC/User"pro-user" exploder last month:

"Thanks for the feedback, Mike.

When Pro/E Wildfire 3.0 ships, it will include the capability to publish Adobe PDF files directly Pro/E. While it will not automatically create the PDF when the drawing is saved, it will essentially serve asanother option for printing your drawings.

This option will be included for free with your upgrade to Pro/E Wildfire 3.0, and will require no additional software from Adobe to run. That is, you don't need to purchase Adobe Distiller separately, as you do with Pro/E Wildfire 2.0.

The resulting PDF file (from Pro/E Wildfire 3.0) will also be much "smarter" than it would have been coming out of Pro/E Wildfire 2.0. For example, with PDF files from Pro/E Wildfire 3.0, the resulting file supports Navigation and Bookmarks, Searchable Text, Drawing Measurements, and increased security via Adobe's Digital Right's Management capabilities.

Look for more information about this enhancement on ptc.com, coming soon."
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