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Pro/E Animation or MECHANICA motion?


New member
Can some one tell me which is better, Pro/E animator or MECHANICA motion. The project i am working on involves creating a model of a human arm and with animation. The arm must be drawn on pro/E and be animated in motion.

I am now towards the end of the project and am in the process of writing the final report. I only became aware of the animation facility on Pro/E a couple of weeks ago after experiencing difficulty with the compiler on motion. I have managed to create basic movements on motion and would like to know if motion is better for further work or would pro/E provide a better result?

thank you for any help

Pro E Bureau

New member
i've never used mechanica motion but i do use the basic mechanism part of proe. you may be able to get the animation you are looking for by creating an arm mechanism!! you can then save this as an animation mpeg file. see the link given by xcad on one of the other questions posted in animation section. this will hopefully give you an insight into how to do it.


New member
I beleive that both will get you the same results for the motion. But, if you need to do analysis , use mechanica.