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printer for 2000i


New member
hi friends

i am using pro/engineer 2000i.

i have windows advanced server 2000 operating in my system.

1)how to add printer connection. our hard engineer is not aware of pro/engineer

2) if printer is in nework wot are the various setting to be done.

3) in printer command line wot is the text to be typed.

4) we have hp diesignjet610c moldel printer.

help me out from this crisis.

kindly send setting in image formate step by step .


New member
Find out the IP address of the printer (, for example). There is no need to add the printer to Windows.

Create a DOS plot command batch file in the form:

lpr -S192.9.200.120 -P(printer_name) %1

and add this in the correct folder location and name it plot.bat. Call this in the .pcf file specified in your Configure Commands section of printing.

Hope this helps.