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Print Drawings


New member

I try to find a program that can print Proe drawings.

Is anyone know wher i can't find sofware!!!


New member
Could you be a little more specific?

Do you want to print a Proe drawing on a pc where there is no Proe installed or do you want to save your proe drawings differently and print it with another program so you the output is better?

I mostly use Autocad for printing (first save the proe drawings as DXF or DWG file) or in some cases a PDF program like Jaws or PDF995 (print to file and then print it with a PDF reader.

The best way to print in Proe itself is still a mystery to me. At least, printing with the right scale. If someone can shed some light on that, I would appreciate it!

Hope it helped a lil'


P.S. I know no way to print Proe drawings without Proe installed on a pc. Another light needed :)


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