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print as pdf


New member
Does the table.pnt file come into effect if i am printing as a pdf rather than on paper.The reason for this is that If one wants to set check the changes in PNT file he does not need to print on paper rather he can take a digital print eg print as pdf or may be something else
As far as I know there is no way to print directly to PDF format from ProE (version 2001, may be different in WF). What I do is print to Postscript and then use Ghostview to make the conversion. That said, if you have Adobe Acrobat Publisher (not just the reader) it presents it's self as an additional printer in Windows and by choosing that as the printer you can get a PDF file.

Bernie Hayden

Yes, it does. The only downside of it is that the .pnt applies for the certain drawing size you selected. So the full size pdf file (print) would have the right line thickness, but if you print it out of Adobe on a different size, it scales the line thickness along with the drawing.

For bhayden: I created a printer configuration file for pdf files- it prints in Adobe similar to printing a hard copy. Actually I added a mapkey, too.

You don't need to buy the full blown acrobat or go through that ghostscript stuff.

Check out a program callled pdf995. For 10 bucks you can have a virtual printer that will make pdf files!
You would think PTC would add proper PDF output as an option. I am on HPUX, so my add-on option software is limited. I have to transfer the postscript file over to my PC and use Ghostscript for conversion :(


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