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potential new Pro/E user


New member
I am interviewing for a new position with a company that uses Pro/Engineer

I have much experience with SDRC Ideas, Inventor and most recently SolidWorks.

Is there a demo or trial version of Pro/Engineer I can get/download so that I can determine what my learningcurve will be so I can discuss this with my interviewers?

All the previously mentioned packages I have used I have easily learned and transitioned to.

What would be a typical learning curve when transitioning from SolidWorks to Pro/E?



New member
As a personal experience I can say it isn't easy. I've learned modelling with Intergraph EMS, parametric as soon as it came available in the 90's. Did some minor work on Microstation and then went full steam on Solid Edge. The last is most comparable to SW (or should it be vice versa ?). I had the idea that learning ProE (2001) wouldn't be that hard a job to handle but got very depressed the first days : couldn't do anything without help. I would say you need at least 6 months to switch to the ProE-way of doing things, risk of rapidly developing RSI is imminent. I'm now nearly a year further. I can handle most situations I encounter, got my way of working around the major pitfalls and even succeed in tricking ProE into doing things it normally doesn't like. The Wildfire stuff (2.0) is a bit easier to handle for people with my background, since it comes closer to the "normal" way of modelling, although under the first layer it is still "clicking your way through the command levels".